Collection: SS21 Society Tabletop (Metamorphosis Collection)

Society Limonta’s SS21 collection thanks Nature and is inspired by it. 

Our home has become our personal habitat now more than ever. We immersed ourselves in its light cones, in its intimate silences, in the nuances of moments once overlooked. And while we paused our thoughts and waited, Nature didn’t let us down. It continued its transformation to renew the magic of life. And it reminds us that, in the end, the sun always comes back.

Society Limonta’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is not only an aesthetic interpretation of this Metamorphosis, but also an act of gratitude towards Nature
which teaches us to bloom again despite everything.

"Immersing yourself into the green and lying down to look
at the sky, or pausing on the shores of a mountain lake
and losing yourself in the colours reflected on water.
River pebbles, rich and shiny leaves, nature to be explored with eyes, with hands, simple objects, alive, perfect."

Society Limonta’s table brings back memories, the visual and tactile sensations we experience in the nature we love the most.

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