Design Stories: Tiina the Bed

Design Stories: Tiina the Bed

For this edition of design stories, we are featuring our good friend and neighbor, Tiina Laakkonen. Tiina opened her eponymous “Tiina the Store” in Amagansett in 2012 with her husband Jon Rosen. Her highly curated, tightly edited selection of beautifully crafted pieces is well-known and oft-revered. Rather than focusing on what Tiina sees as ubiquitous “fast luxury “ - a tired concept she rejects outright - Tiina celebrates uniqueness, real value, integrity and longevity, seen in objects that become even more beautiful with age and use.

Tiina’s curiosity and taste has been well honed over many years during her career: as design assistant for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel; then as fashion editor at Vogue in London; and in New York as a stylist for T Magazine, Vogue Japan and Vogue China, whilst consulting for top fashion houses and leading actresses.

We were fortunate enough to have Tiina stop by the store and create a bed for our display.

“I’m totally in love with pale, pastel blues. I wanted to create a cool, calming bed in pastel blue and soft, icy grays for warm summer nights.”—Tiina Laakkonen


Tiina started off with a foundation of Hale Mercantile’s exquisite Flocca linen bedding, famous for its hand tufted edge, in Fog—serving as the “soft, icy gray.” She then layered Hale’s Flocca Blanket in Fog, a super-soft linen/cotton blend with a rich, boxed pattern texture. She incorporates pastel blue with a sumptuous washed-linen duvet from linen tales in Sky Blue. The pillowcases are a mix of the two colors. The end result is certainly calming…and cool.


You can shop the look here.

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